Thigh Lift And Other Procedures

photo of before thigh lift procedurephoto of thigh lift results

Before (top) and after (bottom) photos of liposuction and thigh lift performed by Dr. Connall.

The outer thigh and buttock lift and medial thigh lift procedures are typically not combined procedures.  Usually it is best to treat the thighs with either a lower body lift which includes the outer thigh or buttock lift, or treat the thighs first with the outer thigh and buttock lifts alone. 

This approach treats much of the front and side of the thighs and buttocks.  With these areas treated, the inner thighs are often slightly improved and this prepares the thighs for a second-stage procedure to treat the inner thighs. 

If the front and outer part of the thighs do not require treatment, then the inner thigh lift is appropriate.
Both the transverse thigh and buttock lift and the medial thigh lift are lengthy and complex procedures.  Therefore, we typically do not combine additional procedures out of the thigh and buttock regions with the thigh lift procedures.

Thigh Lifts And Body-Jet Liposuction

Liposuction with the Body-Jet is commonly done to enhance the results of the outer thigh and buttock lift procedures and the medial thigh lift procedure. 

Liposuction is used to reduce the thickness of the thighs in the area of tissue removal and in the surrounding areas.  In addition, the mechanical effect of liposuction is to loosen the surrounding tissues and can improve the ability for the tissues to slide and lift it.

This combination of skin removal and liposuction allows Dr. Connall to perform optimal body sculpting.  Dr. Connall uses water-assisted liposuction with the Body-Jet liposuction machine.  The Body-Jet is a safe and gentle way to perform precise liposuction.

Thigh and Buttock Lifts and Augmentation

The outer thigh and buttock lift procedures are excellent for reshaping and sculpting the buttocks.  In some cases, the tissue of the upper buttocks can be preserved and repositioned to the central buttocks, which provides an improved shape, projection, and volume of the buttocks. 

Another option for improvement of the buttocks after thigh and buttock lift procedure is to perform a fat transfer to the buttocks.  The sculpting of the buttocks with fat grafting is often called a Brazilian buttock lift.  To sculpt the buttocks with fat, the procedure will be performed a few months later following the outer thigh and buttock lift procedure.

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