Introduction to Thigh Lifts

Photo of thigh lift beforePhoto of thigh lift after

Dr. Connall performed this thigh lift to sculpt and lift the outer thighs. The scar is hidden in the bikini line.

For those with excess skin and fat along the thighs, multiple thigh lift options are available to contour and shape the thighs into a more natural and rejuvenated shape.
After marked weight loss patients often have excess and saggy skin around the entire thighs.  In those patients, the outer part of the thighs can be lifted with a body lift procedure, which lifts the outer thighs and buttocks. 

If the skin excess is at the inner parts of the thigh then a medial thigh lift is needed. These procedures often include liposuction to thin the tissues.  The excess skin is then removed and the tissues are then lifted and tightened into appropriate positions.
Thigh lifts are not just for persons that have lost marked amount of weight.  Some individuals have mild to moderate excess amounts of skin, which can also be improved with these procedures.  If you are bothered by the contours of your thighs, then an outer or inner thigh lift may be an excellent option for you.

Is An Outer Thigh and Buttock Lift Right For Me?

An outer thigh and buttock lift is an option for patients with excess and saggy skin along the outer thighs and upper buttocks.  The patients who have lost marked amount of weight are often candidates for this procedure.  However, the outer thighs and buttocks are often treated with the abdomen during a lower body lift procedure. However, the outer thighs and buttocks are often treated with the abdomen during a lower body lift procedure.  

If a patient has already had a tummy tuck, still has excess tissue at the outer thighs and buttocks, then the outer thigh and buttock lift, also known as a transverse thigh and buttock lift, is an excellent option.    With this procedure, a large amount of tissue is removed in transverse fashion from the outer thighs and buttocks and the tissues are elevated and lifted into a more natural and youthful position.

Is An Inner Thigh Lift Right For Me?

The inner thigh lift is most commonly performed in patients that have lost a large amount of weight.  In such cases, there is excess and hanging skin at the front and inner part of the thighs.  Often, this excess skin is found from the groin to the knee.  With the inner thigh lift, also known as a medial thigh lift, the excess skin is removed and the tissues are repositioned and lifted.  There are two approaches to the medial thigh lift.  In most patients who have a significant amount of extra skin at the inner thighs, the best treatment involves the removal of tissue from the groin to the knee.  In doing so, a scar results in the bikini line at the groin crease and travels down the inner thigh to the knee.
In patients who have mild skin excess, it is possible to perform the inner thigh lift by removing a crescent pattern of skin in the groin and inner thigh region and elevating the tissue to the groin crease.  With this more limited medial thigh lift, the resulting scar is in the bikini line in the groin only.

More Considerations For Thigh Lift Patients

The candidates for thigh lifting procedure must be in good health and near ideal body weight.  For all patients that have undergone weight loss, especially those who have lost weight after bariatric surgery, the weight should be at an optimal low level and stable.
Since smoking has an adverse effect on the wound healing and infection after surgery, thigh lift and Body-Jet liposuction surgery are not performed on smokers.  In some patients with marked weight loss, standard nutritional parameters may be abnormal.  It is important that nutritional intake and status is within normal limits before undergoing the thigh lift surgery.
Thigh lifting surgery is a major surgical procedure.  Candidates for outer and inner thigh lift surgery must understand the complexity of the procedure and be prepared for a challenging postoperative recovery.

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