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Body-Jet liposuction
Body-Jet liposuction is use with buttock fat grafting surgery.  Additional body-jet liposuction of the abdomen and flanks may also be considered by Brazilian buttock lift candidates.

Lower Body Lift
Some buttock lift patients have excessive skin at the abdomen,  flanks and buttocks.  In patient with excessive skin around the waist, a lower body lift is often the best treatment for the buttocks and waist line.

Full Tummy Tuck
A tummy tuck is great for treating skin excess and laxity of the abdomen and is an option for some patients considering buttock fat grafting.

Fat Transfer Blog Entry
Fat Transfer Blog Entry

Introduction to Buttock Augmentation

woman in black pantiesThe buttocks are one of the most important features of the female body and can now be enhanced in shape and fullness with plastic surgery. The most effective way to enhance the buttocks is to inject fat.

With the latest micro-fat grafting techniques the areas surrounding the buttocks are sculpted with liposuction and the fat is then prepared and injected into the buttocks to achieve a more beautiful and firm shape.

In addition to buttock fat grafting, the buttocks can be lifted and shaped by removing excess skin and fat.

These buttock lift procedures are usually performed in concert with a transverse thigh and buttock lift.

Is Buttock Augmentation Right For Me?

The aesthetic importance of the buttocks cannot be underestimated.  Since the beginning of time the buttocks have been a key element to a woman’s allure and sexuality.

In the last decade, popular culture has emphasized the beauty of optimal buttock shape and size.

For those women who have small buttocks based on their natural development or weight loss, increased shape and projection can be a great option to improve their figure.

For any woman that is bothered by the shape of her buttocks, buttock fat grafting may be a great option.