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Tummy Tuck
A tummy tuck is great for treating skin excess and laxity of the abdomen and is an option for some patients considering a lower body lift.

Body-Jet liposuction
Body-Jet liposuction is use with buttock fat grafting surgery.  Additional body-jet liposuction of the abdomen and flanks may also be considered by Brazilian buttock lift candidates

Breast Augmentation
Breast augmentation is often performed to enhance and shape the breasts alone. In women who have had children, breast augmentation is a rejuvenating procedure, restoring the breasts from the effects of childbirth, nursing and aging.

Mommy Makeover Article
Mommy Makeover Article

Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back!

Photo of mommy make over beforePhoto of mommy makeover after

A mommy makeover was performed in this patient. Breast augmentation and a tummy tuck were performed to create a youthful figure in this mom. The tummy tuck resulted in removal of the lower abdominal stretch marks.

This popular trend is aimed at mothers to get back their pre-pregnancy body. 

Mommy Makeovers are chiefly meant to address the effects of pregnancy that cannot be reversed through diet and exercise.

It usually involves the plastic surgery trifecta: a breast lift with or without breast implants, a tummy tuck and liposuction.  Some women also request a buttock lift as part of their mommy makeover. 

Positive Self Image With A Mommy Makeover

Many of our patients realize that how you feel as a mom can be partially related to the contentment of your family. 

It is okay to take care of yourself and to want to feel young and self-confident.  Having a positive self image not only benefits you as a mom, but it can also positively benefit your relationships and interactions with your husband, children, and other family members. 

More Information On Mommy Makeovers

Knowing your options is the first step in determining what you want to change so if you’re interested in learning more, please request a consultation with Dr. Connall at our Portland, Oregon office.

Who Should Consider A Mommy Makeover?

During pregnancy the breasts are stretched resulting in significant sagging.

Breasts tissue often atrophies, leaving the breasts deflated. The abdominal skin and muscles are stretched, leaving stretch marks and permanent skin excess.

Fat deposits in the stomach, love handles and hips can remain even after weight from pregnancy has been lost. 

Anyone who has experience these physical changes is a candidate for a Mommy Makeover.  It can restore your self-confidence by restoring and improving your post-pregnancy body!