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Introduction To Breast Augmentation

photo of blonde woman in white tank top - breast augmentation introduction With the exception of fat grafting (a good option for some women), breast augmentation is the only safe and effective way to significantly enhance the breasts.. Women of all ages and all walks of life seek breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Implants Are Widely Accepted Socially

Because of the wide popularity and social acceptance of breast augmentation, women now feel comfortable and uninhibited with having breast augmentation and they often enjoy sharing their decision and experience with friends, family and coworkers.

Breasts Implants Can Balance A Woman's Figure

Women choose breast augmentation to bring proportion and harmony to their bodies that may be lacking due to breasts that are either underdeveloped, too small, or atrophied as a result of child birth. 

Some women may have difficulty fitting into dresses and matching swimsuit sizes or they just don't feel as comfortable with their bodies as they would like to.

Breast augmentation surgery can help by making a dramatic improvement in the appearance of a woman's breasts and in how she feels about herself.

For young women, breast augmentation is often performed to enhance and shape the breasts alone.

In slightly older women, especially those that have had children, breast augmentation is a rejuvenating procedure, restoring the breasts from the effects of childbirth, nursing and aging.

The breasts are integral to most women's sense of body image, youth, vitality and sensuality.

Maintaining these elements of self image is important for most of a woman's lifetime and, therefore, we have patients of all age groups that have benefited from breast augmentation surgery.