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FAQ - Breast Surgery Consultation

  • What happens during the breast surgery consultation?

    Your consultation appointment consists of a comprehensive breast exam, a thorough review of your surgical options with Dr. Connall, and time with our patient coordinator.

  • How much does a consultation cost?

    The consultation fee is $100.

  • What should I bring to my consultation?

    Please bring your pre-consult packet with you and any completed forms you may need to give us. Please write down and bring any questions you may have for Dr. Connall and our staff. Also, if you see any desirable examples of augmented breasts on this website, the Victoria Secret catalog, or swimsuit magazines, you can also bring those to review with us.

  • Can a significant other or friend be present for my office visits?

    Yes, we welcome you to bring a support person to join you. Such a person can help with questions and answers and can make the experience more relaxing and fun.

  • Who will be present during my consultation?

    A staff member will assist you with "implant try-on" and assist Dr. Connall during your examination. Later, Angela will spend time with you reviewing additional questions, surgery scheduling and financial issues. It is also great to have your husband, boyfriend or other close friend present, if you wish.

  • Will I be able to "try-on" implants to help determine my breast implant size?

    Yes. A staff member will assist you with "implant try-on". Though implant sizing requires the consideration of many factors, this is a nice introduction.

  • Will I be able to see different types of breast implant options?

    Yes, you will be able to hold and feel a wide variety of breast implants, including implants of various sizes, shapes, fill materials (saline or silicone gel), and shells (smooth or textured). Even implants that can be adjusted to various sizes after your surgery will be presented and reviewed.

  • Will the final size of my breast implants be determined during my consultation?

    No. However, breast implant sizing will be reviewed in great detail and you will leave your consultation with an implant sizing chart and your best options outlined. This will provide you an excellent basis for considering your implant size in even more detail. During your pre-operative visit we will review implant sizing again with even greater insight and make a final plan regarding your breast implant size.

  • Does Dr. Connall use any special methods to review the procedure options during my consultation?

    Yes, Dr. Connall uses computer presentations to help you learn about your surgical options. But remember, our most important method is an open discussion between you and Dr. Connall about your goals and the surgical options available to help you achieve your new look.

  • How long should I plan to be at my consultation?

    About one hour, in which much of that time will be with Dr. Connall. Be assured you will obtain a full assessment and presentation of your procedure options, and all of your questions will be answered in detail.

  • How are the costs of breast surgery presented?

    We understand that costs are an important issue for everyone. We are happy to discuss costs with you by phone before your consultation appointment. During your consultation, Angela will present a complete written quote of the fees for your surgical options. All of the costs will be clearly presented (including the facility and anesthesiologist's fee) and there will not be any "hidden" fees.

  • Is financing available for my surgical fees?

    Yes, financing is available through third parties. View more information about your financing options.

  • May I schedule my surgery date at the time of the consultation?

    Yes, you may. Angela can schedule your pre-operative visit and your surgical date. There is usually about two weeks between your pre-operative visit and day of surgery. It is helpful if you bring your personal calendar to the appointment with you to facilitate finding a surgery date that works best for you.

  • What happens if I don't schedule surgery during my consultation?

    Angela will provide you with a number of potential surgical dates that would work well with your schedule, if you wish. Otherwise, we will wait for you to contact us with your plans, or any additional questions. Be assured, our primary mission and obligation is to provide you with a complete consultation. You will simply not be pressured to schedule surgery in any way.

  • How do I schedule surgery after my consultation?

    Just call or e-mail us and we will review your plans and schedule you appropriately.