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Implant Warranties
Allergan breast implants have outstanding warranties.  Be confident with the implants you select.

Body-Jet Liposuction
Body-Jet liposuction is a gentle form of liposuction for sculpting the entire body.

Breast Fat Grafting
Breast augmentation without implants is possible by using fat from the tummy and thighs to sculpt the breasts.

Areolar Breast Augmentation
Areolar Breast Augmentation

Shaped gel implants are here!

illustration of a tear drop shaped gel implant

A teardrop shaped implant from Sientra. The implant is more “tall” than “wide”. This shape provides extra upper breast fullness, while maintaining a natural upper breast shape.

Shaped gel breast implants are commonly referred to as "gummy bear" implants. Gummy bear implants have a dense silicone core that is more like a solid than a soft gelatin. For many years, shaped implants have been used in Europe by a large number of women undergoing breast augmentation.

In the summer of 2012 the first shaped gel implants (from Sientra) were approved for wide spread use in the U.S. In February of 2013 Allergan shaped gel implants were approved.  Now women have a choice between round and teardrop-shape silicone implants.

These teardrop implants are also called "form-stable" and “anatomical-shaped” breast implants. Cohesive implants are designed to maintain their shape, but standard round silicone gel implants are very soft and easily deformed.  Since cohesive gel breast implants are designed to hold their shape, they can be made in a variety of teardrop styles.

There are "tall" implants, "wide" implants, and “highly projecting” shaped implants. These implants allow us to selectively augment a particular area of the breast when needed.  For example, if a patient lacks upper breast fullness and wants a lot of fullness there, a "tall" implant could be used.

These advanced implants provide women with more choices and more control of their breast shape and final results. We are excited to offer gummy bear implants to our patients and will discuss this option with you during your consultation.