Vertical reduction results
Vertical reduction results

Illustration of vertical reduction results

After a vertical breast reduction there are "lollipop" shaped scars around the areolas and down the center of the breasts. Sometimes a small scar is placed at the base of the breast also.

Inverted - T reduction results
Inverted - T reduction results

illustration of inverted-t reduction results

This figure shows the results of an inverted-T breast reduction. The scars are around the areolas, down the center and across the bases of the breasts.

Vertical reduction incision
Vertical reduction incision

illustration of vertical reduction

With a vertical breast reduction the areola is slid into a higher position and the skin is sutured closed leaving a scar around the areolar and down the center of the breast.

Inverted - T reduction incision
Inverted - T reduction incision

illustration of inverted-t reduction

The inverted "T" breast reduction results in removal of skin from around the areola, down the center of the breast and from the lower portion of the breast. Breast tissue is removed from the inner and outer sides of the breast and the upper part of the breast.


Male Breast Reduction - Gynecomastectomy

young man and woman walking on beachMore than ever, men are choosing plastic surgery to turn back the clock and to improve their appearance. Let's admit it- appearance and youth are important in a man's life.

Dr. Connall is experienced with a full spectrum of cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate and define all areas of a man's body, including the chest.  Male breast reduction surgery (gynecomastectomy) is the most common procedure to improve a man’s chest.

Sometimes a man's breasts grow excessively.  Large breasts can develop during the teenage years or even later in life.

This can lead to prominent breasts that simply do not appear natural for a man.  Large male breasts, also known as gynecomastia, can be very bothersome for men of all ages, making them uncomfortable in the locker room, at the pool, and while wearing snug fitting clothing.

Men can achieve improvements in their appearance and self-confidence with male breast reduction surgery (gynecomastectomy). Male breast reduction is sometimes performed with liposuction alone, using a few very small incisions.

In most cases, liposuction is combined with a small incision around the areola to allow direct removal of the excess breast tissue. And, in the most severe cases of gynecomastia, the male breast reduction includes removal of excess breast skin. 

If prominent breasts bother you, then a male breast reduction procedure may be a great option to pursue.  We have years of experience with all of the approaches for male breast reduction and encourage you to schedule a consultation to review your options with Dr. Connall.

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