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Breast Reduction Revision

Revision Of The Breast Reduction

Revisionary surgery after breast reduction is not common.

In some cases following breast reduction, adjustments in the skin may be needed as the breast tissues stretch and settle over time.

Or, if significant asymmetries in breast shape or areolar position are present additional breast surgery may be helpful. Such surgery revisions usually involve using the old breast reduction scars to open the tissues and to tailor and reposition the breast skin.

In some cases, mild size differences between the breasts warrant additional breast surgery. Sometimes, mild volume adjustments can be made with breast liposuction only.

Breast Reduction Scar Revision

The scars created from a breast reduction are significant. Though breast reduction scars typically heal well and are tolerated by most patients, on occasion the scars may thicken and warrant scar revision.

With a breast reduction scar revision, the old scars are removed and the incisions are closed as they were originally.

There is no guarantee that a scar revision will lead to improved scars, as the new scars can be as poor, or worse, than the original breast reduction scars.

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