Pre-Surgery Visit and Information Packet

Your pre-surgery (or "pre-op") consultation actually begins long before you arrive at our office.
Following your initial office visit, we will have sent you a folder with all of the information you need to get ready. (We usually send this information by e-mail). This folder contains a letter and some informational documents, including the informed consent forms for your surgery, which are highly detailed and clearly written. Please plan on reading these completely and write down any questions you may have to ask us.

Emmi Online Tutorial

Prior to your pre-op visit, we also will remind you to complete our on-line educational tutorial called Emmi.

Emmi will prompt you to ask questions, which we encourage. Dr. Connall and/or our staff will answer these questions during your pre-op visit.

Pre-Surgery Visit Phone Interview

A few days before your pre-op visit, we will call you and review by phone your medical history and ensure that necessary tests, such as mammograms and blood work, are completed. We will answer any questions you have during that phone call as well.

We welcome questions at all times, as our mission is to keep you well informed and well prepared for your surgery.

Pre-Surgery Consultation

During your pre-op visit, your medical history is reviewed and an examination is performed. Your "before" clinical photos are taken. The operative plan is reviewed, as well as the informed consent materials and your questions.

For implant patients, the implant style, size and volume are determined. Your prescriptions for medications are given to you and explained.

Angela discusses all of the arrangements for the day of surgery including how to prepare for your procedure and what to expect after surgery.

The pre-op visit is an exciting one. Sometimes patients are a bit nervous, but this is usually resolved as the planning and anticipation of your upcoming surgery come together.

  • Our team is full of caring & knowledgeable professionals
  • We will nurture you through every step you take with us
  • We use technology to enhance your experience & results
  • We will educate you so you can make confident decisions
  • We use state-of-the-art techniques to create optimal results
  • We're committed to excellence in everything we do
  • We love what we do & have fun caring for patients
  • Building respect and trust with you is our first priority