Your surgical recovery

You will be tired, sleepy and sore during the afternoon and evening following your surgery. Take your prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxants as written. A support person must help you at home during the first night after surgery; with some procedures you will still be able to care for yourself, go to the bathroom, and have a light meal and drink liquids. Be assured, we will do everything possible to make you comfortable and relaxed before, during and after your procedure. When patients reflect on the day of surgery with friends, family and us, most say the experience was easier than they expected.

Your Special Time

One of the keys to a successful post-operative recovery is to recognize that undergoing cosmetic surgery is a very special time in your life. As such, it is important to prepare yourself and your loved ones. Most patients are very busy with work and family responsibilities and it can be difficult for them to let those duties go and change the focus to themselves.

Many patients dream of their aesthetic surgery for years, so there is a large emotional investment in the experience along with substantial time and money. It is important to follow through with an investment of preparation, time, and rest to optimize your healing, comfort and results after surgery. This is your special time; a time to pamper yourself and receive care from those around you.

Pamper Yourself

Generally, most patients will need at least 3 - 5 days of pampering after surgery. During that period, you will need to take strong pain medication, sleep well, and take an occasional nap. During these first few days, you are not to care for children, or work inside or outside the home.

Time is Your Ally

Please understand that with most surgeries your final results will not be fully realized immediately after the surgery. It simply takes time for the swelling to resolve. This means that time is your ally and that your tissues and scars will likely improve with time.

Understanding these facts before surgery will help temper your expectations, hone your patience, and make for a more pleasurable recovery.

Post-Surgery Visits

Be assured, we are always available and committed to help you throughout your post-operative recovery. Your first visit with us is about 3 - 7 days after your surgery. At that time, Dr. Connall will ask you if your pain is well controlled and if needed, he can provide additional medication. An examination is performed and the post-operative plan is discussed during this visit.

Four Weeks After Surgery

Your next visit is about 4 - 6 weeks after surgery. By then, you are feeling well and are very far along in your recovery. Dr. Connall assesses your progress and discusses any questions you may have.

Three Months After Surgery

Your next visit is about three months after surgery. Usually this is a quick check up.

Six Months After Surgery

Your final visit is usually about six months after your surgery. At this time, your final results will likely be achieved. During this visit we take your "after" photographs and make plans to provide you with a "before and after" photo CD. Usually this is "Graduation Day" for our patients, as their care with us is complete. For us, it is always a bittersweet appointment. We will miss having you as part of our practice family, but at the same time will be gratified in seeing you with the results you wished to achieve.

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